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Ibogaine Treatment

ibogaine therapy

Imagine a life of freedom - freedom from addiction and compulsions, from physical, emotional, and mental cravings. Such a life is attainable with the help of an ancient remedy known as Ibogaine Treatment. Ibogaine Treatment helps to reduce, even eliminate, withdrawal symptoms as well as post-treatment cravings.

The process of detoxification from opiates has found a natural antidote through this gift from the earth. Ibogaine turns a normal detox lasting weeks or months of pain and discomfort, caused by slowly tapering off or quitting cold turkey, into a dynamic meeting with Iboga.
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Ibogaine Therapy

ibogaine detox

Root Passages is committed to our clients on both a professional and personal level and we ensure full medical supervision throughout our Ibogaine Treatments with our on staff EMTs. Here at Root Passages we act without judgment and adhere to showing each and every individual the utmost respect, dignity, confidentiality, and compassion.

At Root Passages, our primary goal is to provide a safe, medically supervised, humane detox for those needing an Ibogaine treatment.
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