Detox Opiates


Root Passages is dedicated to offering a safe and effective ibogaine treatment for individuals addicted to heroin, cocaine, alcohol, opiates, and related substance abuse issues. We provide each client with individual attention, support and round-the-clock professional care. What separates treating drug addiction with ibogaine from a conventional drug and alcohol treatment center is ibogaine's ability to return the mind to a pre- addicted state. Drug addiction treatment with ibogaine reduces withdrawal symptoms and post-treatment cravings allowing one to find the freedom to live a life free of drug and alcohol dependency.

Here at Root Passages, our main objective is to keep you addiction free even after departure by providing the proper tools and coping strategies. We believe in following a holistic approach, emphasizing the importance of nutrition, bodywork, and counseling in addition to ibogaine therapy.

Root Passages drug and alcohol treatment center offers a natural alternative to typical institutional drug addiction treatment centers. Contact us today!

Our drug and alcohol treatment center is available to help you or a loved one live a healthy life free from addiction through ibogaine therapy. Get in touch with Root Passages at or call (747) 201 7176.