Detox Heroin


How we do it

At Root Passages, we offer an effective holistic heroin treatment through regulated administration of Ibogaine. Ibogaine's ability to alleviate withdrawal symptoms allows our clients to confront a heroin detox with confidence and gain the freedom to go on with their lives clean and free from an opiate addiction. Ibogaine, derived from the root of an African shrub Tabernathe Iboga, is known to have an incredibly high success rate in treating heroin, opiates, cocaine, alcohol, and various other dependencies. It was in the 1960's where Ibogaine's ability to mitigate withdrawal symptoms in a heroin detox first became noticed. Since then thousands of people have found an effective and sustainable heroin treatment through ibogaine. Ibogaine's ability to break an opiate addiction and facilitate a heroin detox is a truly a gift from the earth.

Following an advanced healing approach we offer a highly effective and sustainable heroin treatment.

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