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Ibogaine Treatment

ibogaine therapy

Ibogaine treatments have been conducted to combat addiction by merging western medicine with traditional methods of healing for a relatively short period of time. In this fraction of time a multitude of knowledge has been gained. From the traditional "flood-dose" based approach to "low-dose" treatments and even "microdosing" the relationship between Iboga and addiction is clearly an evolving one. Finding the correct approach to Ibogaine for you not only opens the door to freedom, but helps keep it open.

Hearing about Ibogaine for the first time for me was hearing that there was hope. After being on the battlefield of addiction and losing the fight for so long suddenly there was a new message. Then began the process of learning about where to go to get this form of treatment and it felt like "where do i start?"
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Ibogaine Detox

ibogaine detox

Healing through ibogaine can be compared to the view at the end of a long journey. An opportunity to breath newness to life, and to reset misplaced patterns. The awareness of Ibogaine is a gift.

Sessions are offered with the supervision of an ACLS (advanced cardiovascular life support) certified practioner, with the primary goal of providing a safety based ibogaine treatment.

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