Treatment with ibogaine has certain risk factors and certain individuals may not qualify for this form of treatment. In order to ensure the highest level of safety, it is required that you receive a 12 lead EKG and a full liver panel. Please speak with us concerning any medical condition that you currently have and the medications that you are currently taking.

Coming to ibogaine for healing comprises more than the required mental preparation but also a physical element. It is essential to physically prepare for ibogaine. Simple early prep activities such as light slow distance walks, stretching, incorporating more fruits and veggies with less heavy meat and sugars. Detox itself is hard on the body and detoxing with ibogaine can be dehydrating. Maintaining hydration up to and after ibogaine is essential. Certain supplementation/ electrolytes prior to an ibogaine treatment can help ensure proper heart function during the actual treatment and a faster recovery time afterwards. Taking safety seriously has always been a priority for us and offering ibogaine under the supervision of an ACLS certified emergency medical practitioner is our standard.