The Ibogaine Treatment


"...Ibogaine has often been likened to hitting the "reset button", or retuning the individual's mind to a pre-addictive state..."

Ibogaine is an alkaloid found in the plant Tabernathe Iboga. It has been used traditionally in the context of Bwiti and Pygmy initiatory rites and ceremonies. Often classified as an oneirogen for its ability to create a waking dream like state, followed by a period of deep introspection. Recently ibogaine has been receiving attention due to its addiction-interrupting, anti addictive properties. Research and application has led to refined modalities and protocols in using this tool, demonstrating that ibogaine profoundly mitigates withdrawal symptoms and post treatment cravings. Ibogaine has been shown to give individuals undergoing this form of treatment a "window of opportunity". One can look into the deeper issues that resulted in addiction and find resolution, creating the changes necessary to maintain a dependency free life. For this reason Ibogaine has often been likened to hitting the "reset button", or retuning the individual's mind to a pre-addictive state, thereby alleviating the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms associated with drug addiction.

Here at Root Passages we are dedicated to providing a safe, effective, and humane detox to those wishing to end the obsession of drug use in their lives. As former addicts who have found recovery through Ibogaine, we are fully aware of the pain and emotional suffering that accompanies the detoxification process. For this reason we hold it as our primary concern to create a warm, comfortable, and safe environment. At Root Passages we believe in a holistic approach, emphasizing the importance of nutrition, amino acid therapy, bodywork and counseling. The vast majority of our food comes from fresh local organic markets that are filled with exotic fruits, vegetables and produce second to none. We support any particular dietary requirements that you may have. Here at Root Passages we understand the importance of creating an environment where self-care, self-forgiveness, and self-awareness can flourish. It is our utmost objective to provide you with the tools and coping strategies to continue your path of healing upon departure.

Treatments here at Root Passages are conducted with 24-hour monitoring by experienced facilitators and staff. Our facility is located near a hospital. Our doctor and medical services are always available if necessary. We offer treatment for a wide variety of dependency issues. Included are opiates and their derivatives (heroin, oxycontin, methadone, suboxone, ext), cocaine/ methamphetamines and their derivatives, and alcohol. Treatment protocols used are specifically tailored to each individuals needs upon arrival, taking in to account both the physical and emotional requirements. Upon arriving at Root Passages you will be monitored and stabilized to ensure the highest level of comfort. Emphasis will be placed upon hydration and building your physical strength and overall health in preparation for this process.

We are fortunate to be located in an area filled with yoga studios, gyms, meditation centers, and ancient ruins, which are easily accessible. We are also surrounded by an abundance of nature, hiking trails and a stunning landscape. It is our objective to use the land and its resources available to us providing the most safe, effective, and humane detox.